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Society's Child:My Autobiography

A poignant book, written from the heart of a creatively brilliant woman with amazing perseverance.


SUMMARY Janis Ian wrote her first song at twelve and was launched into the spotlight in 1966, at 15 when her song Society’s Child became a hit. This was only the beginning of a long and illustrious career for the young genius. Ian chronicles her 40 years in the music business and how she did drugs with Jimi Hendrix, and went shopping for Grammy clothes with Janice Joplin all the while never ceasing to create resonating music.

In 1975, Ian‘s song “At Seventeen” earned two Grammy awards and five nominations. Her next two albums brought her worldwide platinum hits. But after seven albums in seven years, she walked away from the music business. During this period, she struggled through a difficult marriage and a sudden illness that very nearly cost her life. The break from music lasted for close to a decade until in 1993, she returned with the release of the Grammy nominated Breaking Silence. In SOCIETY’S CHILD, JANIS IAN provides a deeply honest account of the successes and failures and hopes and dreams of her life.

REVIEW JANIS IAN is an amazing woman with tremendous inner strength, who was not afraid to show us her weaknesses in this emotionally powerful book. All her creative and lyrical storyteller skills evident in her music, are apparent in SOCIETY’S CHILD. IAN reveals an uncanny amount of turmoil: molestation, abuse, theft, illness, and the IRS. It is inspiring that after all the bad, that she was willing and able to get back on her feet, and find joy in her life again. Not only did she persevere, but that she chose to honestly share her life story with us, is a gift. It’s an expertly delivered self-portrait of an amazing artist.

The audiobook includes IAN singing a portion of a song in the introduction to each chapter, and detailing the song’s inspiration. Music and biography lovers will delight in Society’s Child. The audiobook won three awards: Audi Award, Narration by Author, 2013; Grammy Award Winner, Best Spoken Word Album, 2013; and Booklist Top 10 Biography Audiobooks. Narrated by Janis Ian. Book Published June 7, 2012.

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