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P.S. From Paris

A delightful love story set in Paris, where things are not quite what it seems.


SUMMARY On the big screen Mia plays a woman in love. But in real life, she’s an famous British actress in need of a break from her real-life cheating husband. She escapes from London to Paris behind a new haircut, and a waitressing job at her best friend Daisy’s, restaurant. Paul is an American author, living quietly in Paris, and doing his best to stay out of the literary spotlight. When Paul’s best friend secretly sets him up with Mia through a dating website, the two are off to a laughable start. Paul and Mia‘s relationship status is “complicated” and they decide to remain “just friends.” But can men and women just be friends? While Mia tries to decide what to do about her philandering husband, Paul visits Korea for a book tour, where his books are surprisingly popular. But not everything is quite what it seems.

“One day, I’m going to live in theory, because in theory everything goes perfectly…“
“If I were going to read one of your books, which one would you recommend?” “I’d recommend one by another author.”

REVIEW P. S. from PARIS is a delightful romantic comedy set in the City of Love. It’s a fast-paced and light read perfect for a day at the park or on the beach. The Paris descriptions are enjoyable and many of the scenes will make you smile. Paul’s fear of media attention and flying on airplanes adds an endearing quirkiness to his character and, Cristoneli, Paul’s Italian editor of an American author in France has trouble actually speaking French and tends to bungle his words sometimes creating new and hilarious mixed up words. P.S. from PARIS is recommended for those who just want something a little light and funny topped with a scoop of romance. It’s marveful and spectaculous.

MARC LEVY was born in France. He has written 18 novels and his work has been translated into 49 languages. He currently lives in New York City and through a nation-wide poll has been ranked as one of France’s favorite authors. Translated by Sam Taylor. Narrated by Tim Campbell. Book Published September 1, 2017

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