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Not That I Could Tell

A fun girls night out with wine and friends turns one neighborhood into the media’s spotlight.


SUMMARY A group of neighborhood women gather around a fire pit one Saturday night. With wine in hand the conversation turns both giddy and personal. On Monday morning, one of them is missing. Kristen, the mother of four-year-old twins and school mom volunteer extraordinaire is in the midst of a divorce to a handsome doctor. No one saw her leave or knows why she might have left. As secrets are revealed Kristen’s ex-husband to be, Paul is at the center of the police investigation. Clara who was Kristen’s closest friend on the block, is very much reminded of an incident in her past, and has suspicions of her own. Izzy who only moved to the neighborhood recently, is not jumping to any conclusions, besides she is dealing with issues in her own love life. As the weeks pass and the media attention dwindles the neighbors are left to realize they may never know why Kristen disappeared.

“The missing, the hidden, the murdered and the other wise lost never get to tell their sides of the story. It’s the last and sometimes cruelest injustice.”

REVIEW The big question is what happened to Kristen and the twins? Was she running away from something or was Paul responsible for her disappearance? A search of Kristen’s computer revealed visits to domestic abuse sites. But if that was the case, why didn’t she say something, or reach out to someone for help. NOT THAT I COULD TELL is an intriguing and evocative domestic thriller that will captivate you and leave you wondering about how well you know your own neighbors. JESSICA STRAWSER has drawn an ideal cast of neighbors who all react differently to Kristen’s disappearance. Strawser creatively imparts backstory in italics at the beginning of each chapter. The writing is absorbing and will keep your head in the book until late into the night.

Strawser is the Editor-at-Large at Writer’s Digest Magazine. Her debut novel was Almost Missed You (2017). Thanks to NetGalley, St Martin’s Press and Jessica Strawser for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. Book Publication Date March 27, 2018.

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