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Nine Perfect Strangers

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

An entertaining novel full of mystery and tension.



Nine people gather at a remote health resort in Australia. Some are here to lose weight, some are here to get a reboot on their marriage, some are here for recovery. They all know these ten days might involve some real work. But none of them could imagine just how challenging the next ten days would be.

Frances Welty, the formerly best-selling romantic novelist, arrives at Tranqullion House with a bad back, a broken heart, and a book rejection. Should Frances put aside her doubts and immerse herself in everything Tranquillum House has to offer – or should she turn around and head for home while she still can?

It’s not long before the other eight guests at Tranquillum House are asking exactly the same question.


When is a spa weekend not really a spa weekend? Nine Perfect Strangers Is an interesting and unsettling dramatic novel. The writing was good and the story moved along at a spa-like pace

There were twelve characters introduced and I had some difficulty keeping everyone straight, particularly until their back stories were revealed. But even with their backstory it was still hard keeping them straight. Frances character the the most developed character and therefore my favorite character. Others really lacked depth

The story was entertaining and full of tension and mystery. The writing was good and I liked the way friendships or bonds slowly developed among the NINE PERFECT STRANGERS.

Author Liane Mortiarty is an Australian author. She has written eight novels, including the New York Times best seller Big Little Lies (2014), which was adapted into a television series for HBO. She lives in Sydney with her husband and two children. Other novels include Truly Madly Guilty (2016) and The Husband’s Secret (2013). I listened to the audio version of Nine Perfect Strangers and liked it.

Publisher Flat Iron Books/Macmillan Audio

Published November 6, 2018

Narrated Caroline Lee

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