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Lost You

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

A gut-wrenching, compulsive read of two women’s obsession to have a child.



Three years ago, Anna is an out of work waitress and in need of money to make ends meet. She explored an advertisement stating “Financial opportunity for healthy women aged 21 to 35. Call this number 24/7 for details.” Anna’s friend Betsy encourage her to make the call. The company was willing to pay her $500 just for answering a few questions and no obligation or commitment required. The Schaeffer-Holdt Clinic is looking for surrogate mothers, and Anna is a perfect candidate. If she agrees to participate she would make $75,000. It would be hard to do, but that money would change her life. She agreed and signed the contract. She was committed up until she felt the butterflies in her stomach.

Libby has had a rough few years. She is now a single mother who needs a vacation. She’s headed to a luxury resort in Naples, Florida with her three-year-old adopted son Ethan. Libby feels out of place in such a nice hotel. Ethan loves playing in the pool and is equally enthralled with the buttons on the elevator. The first two days of vacation were perfect. On the third evening, Ethan runs ahead and pushes the elevator buttons before Libby can catch up with him. The elevator takes off. As Libby races the elevator, up the stairs, her worst fears come to pass. Ethan has disappeared.


LOST YOU is a gut-wrenching, compulsive read. One mother is being economically forced to surrogacy and one woman has lost her adopted child at a hotel. And what comes between these two events will have you on the edge of your seat. The writing is smartly structured and goes back and forth in time to reveal a story of two women whose lives spin out of control. Both Libby and Anna struggle with self esteem, and their obsession with being a mother. LOST YOU is fast-paced, easy-to-read and packed with surprising twists.

The story is an emotional gripping tale of surrogacy, a missing child, motherhood, adoption, and obsession. Haylen Beck is the pseudonym of Edgar Award-nominated author Stuart Neville, whose crime fiction has won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Beck’s first gut-wrenching novel was HERE and GONE (2017). Thanks to Netgalley, Crown Publishing and Haylen Beck for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher Crown Publishing

Published August 6, 2019

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