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Kingdom of the Blind

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Unrelenting tension and a cleverly woven tapestry of characters, story and setting.



Armand Gamache receives a peculiar letter inviting the former head of the Sûreté du Québec to an abandoned, dilapidated and snow ladened farmhouse. A complete stranger has named him as one of the executors of her will. Still on suspension, and curious, Gamache accepts and learns that the other two executors are Myrna Landers, the bookseller from Three Pines, and a young builder. None of them had ever met the deceased woman, Bertha Baumgartner.

The will includes bequests that are so inconceivable that Gamache and the others suspect that Bertha, who preferred to be called Baroness, must have been delusional. When a body is found in the house, the terms of the suddenly seem threatening.

But the will isn’t the only threat that Gamache is facing. The investigation into what happened six months ago—the events that led to his suspension—has dragged on. And most of the opioids he allowed to slip through his hands, in order to bring down the cartels, have been retrieved. Most, but not all. Enough narcotic to kill thousands has disappeared into inner city Montreal. Gamache races for answers, using desperate, measures to find and retrieve the drug. Will he find it in time to prevent additional deaths?

“...the four statements that lead to wisdom: I don’t know. I need help. I was wrong. I’m sorry.”


KINGDOM OF THE BLIND is a cleverly woven tapestry of characters, story and setting. Gamache, despite his earlier suspension, is as busy as ever investigating the will, the Baumgartners, the whereabouts of the missing drugs and a rogue detective. He naturally captures your attention and keeps you fast on your feet, in order to keep up with his fast moving mind.

This is the 14th book in the much loved Inspector Gamache mystery series and author LOUISE PENNY does not disappoint her faithful readers. All her regular characters, including our favorite poet Ruth Zardo, are all safely ensconced by the fireplace in Three Pines, anxiously awaiting the passing of a blizzard. They have plans for after the storm.

Penny’s writing is seamless and it places her in a league of her own. You will rush through the pages to find out what happens next. And despite everything going on, we can’t help but wonder, whatever will become of Gamache’s suspension? If he finds the drugs will his job be safe? The book is full of unrelenting tension and intrigue that you don’t want to miss.

“In the kingdom of the blind, Amelia recited to herself as she trudged along— —the one-eyed man is king, Gamache read.”

Publisher Minotaur

Published November 2018

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