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In Pieces

An astounding revelation of a life in pieces by an Academy Award winning American icon.



Academy Award winning actress Sally Field, tells her story about a challenging and lonely childhood, the career that helped her find her voice, and her journey as an actress, daughter and a mother. She has captivated the nation for more than five decades beginning with her first TV role at the age of seventeen. From her early roles as Gidget, and The Flying Nun to the complexity of Sybil, Norma Rae and Mary Todd Lincoln, Field has impressed audiences and captured our heart. Field takes us behind the scenes of not only her career but in her complicated relationships with both family and friends.


A brutally honest and astounding story of one of my favorite actresses. Deeply personal, I felt as though by listening to this book I might be invading her life, but instead she has invited me in and ask me to curl up on her couch and listen to her story. It’s not a story I wanted to hear and it was difficult to listen to. While it brought me to tears, I know it was a story she needed to tell. A story she has needed to tell for a long time. I was shocked by her feelings of being broken and unlovable and the reasons behind it. She needed to tell this story as much as we need to hear it.

As Sally Field said in her memorable 1985 Academy Award acceptance speech for Best Actress in Places in the Heart, “...I cannot deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me.” Yes, Sally we do really really like you!

Publisher Hachette Audio

Published September 18, 2018

Narrator Sally Field

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