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I’d Give Anything

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Beautifully written and brilliantly plotted.



Ginny Beale is eighteen, a high school senior. She’s full of life and has a circle of three special friends for whom she would do anything. Because of one terrible night, she loses them all—seemingly forever. She is keeping a terrible secret about that night, a night when one of her best friend’s lost their father in a fire.

Over the next two decades, Ginny distances herself from the past and from nearly everyone in it. She marries a quiet man, raises their daughter, Avery, and cares for her demanding mother, Adela.

But when Ginny’s husband, Harris, becomes embroiled in a scandal, Ginny’s carefully controlled life falls apart. Just when she believes she is getting back on her feet, that secret that’s she’s kept for twenty years emerges and threatens to destroy her hopes for the future. With the help of fifteen-year-old Avery, Ginny must summon the courage to confront the truth.


She had me when Ginny and her brother, Trevor jumped off the quarry rock cliff at night into the watery depths far below. It reminded me of the times when my brother and I would jump off a bridge into the the dark Wakulla River. But never at many alligators. I’D GIVE ANYTHING is a first rate journey into friendships, parenthood and how secrets can control your life.

The story is beautifully written and brilliantly plotted. Weighted with tragedy, lies and mistakes, Ginny, Avery and friends old and new work together to overcome the burdens of the past.

The writing was seamless and soulful. The characters propel the narrative, and the character development was superbly crafted. I particularly appreciated the uniqueness of Ginny’s daughter, Avery, wh is so smart, so brave, and so calm in the face of her parental world falling apart. She handles her dad and the scandal like a pro. CJ, Gray and Kirsten, Ginny’s best friends were also distinctly drawn. My favorite part of I’D GIVE ANYTHING was the dialog. Ginny talking with her mother or daughter or any of her friends was always delightfully, real and revealing. Loved it!

Author Marisa de los Santos is a New York Times best-selling author of Love Walked In, Belong to Me, and Falling Together. She lives in Wilmington, Delaware with her husband and two children. I’D GIVE ANYTHING is her sixth novel.

Thanks to LibraryThing and William Morrow for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher William Morrow

Published May 12, 2020

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