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Face Off

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

An enthralling suspense thriller set in Alaska with an amazingly strong female lead character.



Dr. Evelyn Talbot is a leading psychiatrist at Hanover House in Hilltop, Alaska, studying psychopaths and serial killers. Her study is motivated by her experience, when at 16, she was tortured and left for dead, by serial killer Jasper Moore. Jasper was never caught and is on the run by hiding in plain sight. He continues to be obsessed with raw lust for Evelyn and will stop at nothing to be near her again. He has special plans just for her. Evelyn’s handsome boyfriend, Amarok is the chief of police in Hilltop and promises her he will keep her safe. Amarok is working day and night to find Jasper, especially after two young women are found dead, not far from Hanover House.


My favorite part of this book was Evelyn’s perseverance and strength. My focus in reading this year has been on books with strong women characters, women that would serve as role models for our daughters. Dr. Evelyn Talbot fits the bill. She has risen up from devastating circumstances and has used what happened to her as motivation to study how the psychopath’s brain work. I was impressed by how well her character was developed and by the nuances of her relationships with a variety of people, particularly with Amarok, her sister, co-workers and her parents. FACE OFF has a ruggedly perfect cast of characters.

BRENDA NOVAK’S writing is smart, sharp and easy to read. Her story is suspenseful and meticulously built. She had me with the torture cellar in Anchorage. I mean who sets a story in Alaska! Love it! This is the third book in a series featuring Dr. Evelyn Talbot. The first two books were Her Darkest Nightmare, and Hello Again. While I had not read the previous book I had no difficulty getting into, or following the story. I am however, highly motivated to read these earlier books in the series, since this one is such a well written suspense thriller.

Thanks to Netgalley, St Martin’s and Brenda Novak for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher St Martin’s Paperbacks

Published August 28, 2018

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