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Dreams of Falling

A riveting tale of friendships and promises that lead to a lifetime of secrets.


SUMMARY “Friends forever, come what may” was the dream three young women wrote on a ribbon in April 1951. Margaret, Ceecee and Bitty placed that ribbon in the opening of a special moss-covered tree on the banks of the North Santee River. No one could have imagined what that promise would mean.

Larkin had fled Georgetown, South Carolina nine years ago. She vowed never to return, but when she hears that her mother, Ivy has disappeared, she has to go back. She returns to the place that she both loves and hates, and to the family and friends that have missed her tremendously. Not long after her arrival, Larkin finds Ivy unconscious in the ruins of her family’s abandon plantation house. She had fallen through the rotten floor boards and her arm was at a funny angle. Carrowmore, a Greek Revival mansion, had burnt to the ground over fifty years ago. No one knows why Ivy had gone there.

As Larkin digs for answers, she uncovers secrets that lead back to three 18-year-old girls and an unchaperoned graduation trip to Myrtle Beach. That trip and it’s aftermath and the secrets that resulted would test their friendships and change each of their lives forever.

REVIEW Be careful what you wish for. DREAMS of FALLING may having you thinking carefully about your next birthday wish. The story is dramatic and cleverly layered and there are tons of great characters. Most notably are the three best friends: the beautiful and rich Margaret; CeeCee, the preacher’s daughter; and the always smoking and red-headed artist, Bitty. Each one of them is flawed in their own way. As a matter of fact, practically all of the characters in the book are flawed in one way or another. And that is precisely what makes this book so real.

The story is built on secrets. Secrets that will make you mad, secrets that will astonish you, and secrets that will devastate you. KAREN WHITE’s entertaining and fluid writing will draw you in and only give you a moment to catch your breath before catapulting you to another time. Chapters alternate between Ivy, Larkin and CeeCee, with CeeCee’s chapters splitting time between 1951 and 2010. My favorite part of the book were CeeCee’s chapters about the trip to Myrtle Beach in May 1951. The champagne, the dancing, the boardwalk, the carousel, and walking on the beach with a handsome man under a star-filled sky…some dreams really do come true.

Lovers of Southern women’s fiction will appreciate this dramatic story by an author that knows her way around a keyboard. KAREN WHITE is the author of well over twenty novels. Thanks to Penguin First to Read for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Publisher: Berkley Publishing Publish Date: June 5 2018

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