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Bitter Falls

Stillhouse Lake #4

Gwen Proctor is a smart, strong and dynamic character who will go anywhere and do anything to protect her family.



BITTER FALLS is the fourth book in the Stillhouse Lake series. Gwen Proctor has had a difficult life since she found out her husband was a serial killer. That was years ago and she desperately trying to put the past behind her, have a normal life and protect her two children, Connor and Lanny, from the internet monsters that haunt them. It’s not easy, and now the closed-minded town of Norton and her powerful drug dealing neighbors are also closing ranks against them.

Gwen is working as a private investigator for an out-of-town detective agency and is assigned a case of a missing twenty-one year old male college student who disappeared while out with friends at a bar on a Friday night. Remy Landry has been missing for three years. The police gave up on the case long ago, the file is thin and the case is cold. But Gwen knows what it’s like to worry about your children.

A church-related nonprofit hired the agency to look into the case, which is somewhat strange. But regardless of who is putting up the money, finding out what happened to the handsome Remy Landry has to be a good thing for his parents. Right? But it just might not be a good thing for Gwen Proctor, her partner, Sam or her two children.


Author RACHEL CAINE had me with her description of the waterfall that rambled and roared over the rocks above and broke into the white spray that floated weightless in the air. Her writing is vivid, riveting and evocative.

BITTER FALLS is a fast moving, and gripping thriller of a woman’s fight to protect her family. All the characters in the book are so well-developed, you can’t help but care about them and you’ll easily be caught up in the story. Gwen, Connor, Lanny and Sam each narrate various chapters in the book which add diverse perspectives to a tight plot. This is a perfect book for a quick weekend read!

Gwen Proctor is one of my favorite female characters. She is amazingly strong both physically and emotionally. She has had to be, at times she seems to be fighting monsters on various fronts. Her perseverance is phenomenal. She will go anywhere and do anything to protect those she loves.

Author Rachel Caine grabs her reader at the start and leaves them hanging from the edge of that waterfall the entire book. Caine is the bestselling author of more than 50 novels novels including Stillhouse Lake, Wolfhunter River and Killman Creek in the Stillhouse Lake series. Bitter Falls, the fourth book in the series is so well written you could read it as a stand-alone. But why would you want to?

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher Thomas & Mercer

Published January 21, 2020

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