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Beyond the Point

A poignant and enthralling story of the friendship of three West Point female graduates.



At the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, three women bond on a basketball court in a story of friendship, heartbreak, and resilience.

Dani McNalley is going places. With athletic talent and a brilliant mind, she navigates West Point’s predominantly male environment with wit and confidence, breaking stereotypes and embracing new friends. Hannah Speer’s grandfather, a legendary Army general, offers a warning about the dangers that lie ahead, but she moves forward anyway, letting faith guide her path. When she meets her soul mate at West Point, the future looks perfect. Meanwhile, wild-child Avery Adams moves fast and doesn’t mind breaking a few rules (and hearts) along the way. But she can’t outpace her self-doubt, and the harder she tries, the further it leads her down a treacherous path.

The world awaits Dani, Hannah, and Avery beyond the gates of West Point. As they go off in different directions, will their hard-forged bond last the test of war, marriage and life after college?


BEYOND THE POINT is a moving story of female friendships at West Point. It is a delightful debut novel. The book magnificently captures women exhibiting strength, faith, forgiveness and perseverance, while encountering discrimination, pain and loss. The story is carefully plotted and moves through time at a nice clip. Dani, Hannah and Avery’s characters are each uniquely realistic and they are the strength of the story. The West Point setting adds tremendous value to the story.

Author Claire Gibson’s writing is stellar. She was an Army brat who moved every few years, but grew up at the United States Military Academy at West Point, where her father was a professor. She attended Furman University in South Carolina. and studied in Asia as a young adult. Now she lives in Nashville. She writes about anything that strikes her as interesting, and she has written about the military, travel, faith, food and education.

Thanks to LibraryThing for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher Harper Collins/William Morrow

Published April 2, 2019

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