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Between the Lies

What if the people you should be able to trust the most are lying to you?



What would you do if you woke up and didn’t know who you were? Chloe Daniels had been in an accident she doesn't remember. Her parents and sister are there for her but it just doesn’t feel right. Something is terrible wrong. Something is missing. As she begins to slowly recover her family shares small bits and pieces of her life before the accident. But Chloe has the feeling they are hiding things from her. She is determined to uncover the truth but is afraid of what she might find. What if the people you should be able to trust the most are lying to you?


The minute you start reading this book you know things are not quite right. There has been a horrible accident. The story is told from Chloe’s point of view and you feel as if you have just woken up from a coma along with her. Things are not what they seem. Her father is a psychiatrist and has a cutting-edge treatment plan for her amnesia, he is in total control of what Chloe should be told and what she is allow to do. It’s for her own good, of course.

The story was interesting, but I felt it lacked emotion and was somewhat unrealistic. Chloe’s mother and sister’s behavior is very distant and stilted. How could they really let themselves and the situation be controlled by someone else, after all Chloe had almost died. My favorite part was Chloe’s determination to find the truth. I loved the fact that she pushes back on her family in an attempt to get at the truth of what happened to her. Once this happens the book takes off. BETWEEN THE LIES is an entertaining and quick read. Thanks to Netgalley, author Michelle Adams and St. Martin’s Griffin for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher St. Martin’s Griffin

Published March 5, 2019

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