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What Happened to the Bennetts

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

By Lisa Scottoline

An Intriguing and Gut-Wrenching Family Drama



Jason Bennett is a suburban dad who owns a court reporting business. One night he and his family are driving home after his daughter's lacrosse game. A dark pickup truck is tailgating them on a dark stretch of road, and two men jump from the pickup, demanding their car. Shots are fired. Later that night, Jason and his family receive a visit from the FBI.

Agents informed the Bennetts that the carjackers were members of a dangerous drug trafficking organization and that Jason and his family are now in their crosshairs. The agents advised the Bennetts to enter the witness protection program right away, and they have no choice but to agree. They disappear in the middle of the night without a word to anyone.

The Bennett’s are now trapped in an unfamiliar life and have lost more than they can handle. No one knows where they are, and their friends are searching for them, but so are they bad guys. His family is falling apart, so Jason take matters into his own hands


What Happened to the Bennetts? is an intriguing and tension-filled family drama. Author Lisa Scottoline’s writing is stellar. She draws us in and takes us on a breathless ride. It is a gut-wrenching story that will have you holding your family close.

Jason's character drives the story. You feel Jason’s anger, sadness, frustration, and helplessness. You can easily conceive of how his anger ultimately turns to action.

Author Lisa Scottoline has written thirty-three books that typically feature a strong, independent female as the main character. Writing the story from Jason‘s perspective was an interesting and satisfying departure from that mold.

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Publisher Penguin Random House

Published March 29, 2022


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