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True Places

A remarkably descriptive novel that will lose you in its emotionally gripping pages.



Suzanne Blakemore is hurrying through her busy day, when she spots a figure lying on the road. She stops and discovers a young malnourished girl in need of medical attention. She transports 16 year old, Iris to the hospital and learns that she has been living on her own in the woods for many years. Her mother had passed away in the woods three years ago and her father had disappeared three years before that. Iris was frightened and overwhelmed being in the hospital and wanted to go back to the woods. Suzanne feels a strong connection to Iris’s feelings, and is compelled to help her adjust to life in the normal world. Although Suzanne’s life with two teenage children at home is anything but normal. But the encounter with Iris has changed Suzanne and made her take another look at her own life.

“No one gives in without giving something up, and nothing is given up without cost.”


The first thing you notice about TRUE PLACES is it’s reverence to nature. Author Sonja Yoerg’s writing is mesmerizingly descriptive. With a PhD in Biological Phychology that’s not surprising. From the first pages you will feel the beauty of the dense and thick woods surrounding Iris’s cabin. And you, like Iris, will yearn to get back there, or perhaps even find your own true place. TRUE PLACES will appeal to women who are juggling with the sometimes overwhelming demands of being both wife, and mother while perhaps losing your sense of self. My favorite part of the book was the expertly drawn character development of Suzanne’s family.

You know you are reading a remarkable book when you are captivated by the book’s language and it’s real life relevance. I found myself highlighting quite a few thought-provoking paragraphs. This is a must read book for 2019!

“That was, in fact, what time was: a narrow container for a relentless succession of tasks. The container could not be expanded, but the tasks could multiply exponentially. In fact, tasks were guaranteed to multiply.”

“Without the space and the quiet for contemplating, she could not know her own mind, trust her own perceptions, and she was lost.”

“Sometimes it takes a stranger to show you what should be obvious, how far you’ve drifted from who you want to be, from what’s right for you, your true place.”

Publisher Lake Union

Published January 1, 2019

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