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The Last Exchange

By Charles Martin

An Extraordinary Story of Service and Commitment



Maybe Joe Sue is a famous movie star under tremendous pressure, and to cope, she wears a pill fob around her neck and pops pills like candy. She has been through rehab six times. Nothing works. But now, there is an even more significant threat to her happiness. She has been trying for years to have a baby. Now, she has a surrogate carrying her baby, but even that seems to be in jeopardy. The surrogate has disappeared.

Six years earlier, MacThomas Pockets, who had served in the Scottish Special Forces, was hired as a movie consultant. He moved to L.A. To be a bodyguard for Maybe Joe Sue. He served as her bodyguard, where he came to know her all too well. He would do anything and everything to protect her, even from herself. He kept an eye out for her even when he could no longer work for her. He promised to always be there for her and even protect her heart.


Charles Martin is a consummate storyteller. All of his books are exciting and emotionally profound. THE LAST EXCHANGE is an extraordinary and gripping story of service, commitment, survival, and forgiveness. The writing has numerous shifts and is brilliantly plotted. The unrelenting tension will hold you captive for hours.

The characters were unforgettable. From the honorable special forces soldier turned professional bodyguard to the diner waitress turned pill-popping movie star, you cannot help but be amazed at the depth of the character development.

You must add THE LAST EXCHANGE to your reading list. If you are a Charles Martin fan, you know what I mean. If you have never read Charles Martin, you are missing something special, but be careful; just one book is enough to get you hooked. You will want to read all his others, too.

Thanks to Netgalley and Thomas Nelson for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Publisher Thomas Nelson

Published October 3, 2023

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