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Remind Me Again What Happened

A interesting character-driven debut novel about complex relationships and the secrets that can transform those relationships forever.



Claire, a journalist on assignment in India is stricken by a mysterious illness. She wakes up in a hospital in Florida with no idea how she got there or why. She has lost a portion of her memories, and is having seizures. Her husband Charlie and her best friend Rachel rally to help her with her recovery and her memories. They take her back to their house in Vermont. Claire attempts to piece together her past by looking at old photos and notes. She senses a feeling that something is not right. She’s not sure where she is supposed to be, but she is pretty sure it’s not where she is. She is not even sure if Charlie is still her husband or if Rachel is still her friend.

Before her illness Claire was a bright, fearless, vibrant woman alway on the go. Charlie and Rachel try to help her regain her good memories as much as possible, but they are all keeping secrets from each other. Secrets of hurts and resentments from long ago that have never gone away. Secrets that could have made a difference back in the day when they were all roommates.


The novel is told from alternating perspectives that pull you into the minds of the three friends. Using this approach gives breadth to the story and a wealth of information about the characters. But the more you learn about the characters and their past together, you can’t help but develop feeling about them. You may find you do not like them very much: one is restless and self-centered, one is dutiful but passive, and one is selfless, stoic but very angry and sad.

REMIND ME AGAIN WHAT HAPPENED is a emotional story with frustrating circumstances and unlikable characters. The story was slow-paced and leaves questions unanswered. My favorite part of the book was when one of the characters in a fit of anger, finally lets loose and gives some clarity about past events that have cause so much dissension among the friends.

Readers who like character-driven novels of complex relationshhips may appreciate this story. Remind Me Again What Happened is the debut novel for JOANNA LULOFF. She has also authored a collection of short stories titled The Beach at Galle Road. She lives in Denver, Colorado where she teaches at the University of Colorado. Thanks to Netgalley, Algonquin Books and Joanna Luloff for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher Algonquin Books.

Publication Date June 26, 2018

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1 Comment

Jun 11, 2018

I love character-driven novels, Lisa! Fantastic review!

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