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Klara and the Sun

By Kazuo Ishiguro



Klara, an Artificial Friend or AF, stands on display in the store waiting to be chosen. The store managers says that Klara has a appetite for observing and learning, she also says that Klara has the most sophisticated understanding of any AF in the store. And this is quite a compliment considering there are models newer than Klara.

Josie, a sickly teenager spies Klara in the store window one day and falls instantly in love with her and promises to come back soon with her mom. A long time passes before Josie makes it back to the store, but she and Klara are able to convince Josie’s mom that she is just the friend Josie needs.

Klara, who is solar-powered, has a deep appreciation for the sun. She observes that others are also positively affected by the daylight as well. As Josie illness intensifies, Klara has faith that the sun may be the answer.

“The Sun, noticing there were so many children in the one place, was pouring in his nourishment through the wide windows of the Open Plan.”


Klara and the Sun is a touching and thought-provoking social narrative, set sometime in the future.

Klara is the story’s narrator, and seeing the story through her eyes makes the story quite compelling. Klara sees the world very different than us. Her perspective and her unique observation skills enhances the our awareness of our humanity and what it means to be able to love someone.

Klara’s character as an Artificial Friend is delightful. She is fully dedicated to Josie and to her well-being. You will want her to be your friend as well. If I could have found the store I would have bought her myself.

The writing is stellar and the audio performance was well performed. Author Kazuo Ishiguro is a British novelist who won the Nobel Prize in 2017. He touches on issues of the environment, technology, and economic social welfare in Klara and the Sun. It’s a dystopian science fiction story that leaves you with much to think about.

The screen rights for Klara and the Sun were purchased by Sony last summer. We can’t wait for the movie, but of course you have to read the book first.

“There was something very special, but it wasn’t inside Josie. It was inside those who loved her.”

Publisher Alffred A. Knopf

Published March 2, 2021

Narrated Sura Siu

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